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About the Site

When I talk about having an "offsite strategy" meeting, I'm looking to get out of the office and have some good, "strategic" conversation over a cup of coffee or a beer. Back when I worked for a software development company, we did our best design work at a hot dog stand in Des Plaines, IL; since then, I've always found it more fun to conduct some "bidness" in the proper atmosphere.

For myself, this site serves a practical purpose; I want to be able to quickly identify a short list of candidate spots to get together, based on your location and mine.

Original Site: 2009

When building the first version of this site, I was scratching an itch ... I was interested in working with Google Maps, and I was seeing a lot of action around jQuery. Back then, there were lots of hassles with cross-browser compatibility, the intricacies of CSS, details about working with images - plenty of details that really advanced my thinking on web design.

I also left a few tabs out there for "future projects" - like, posting pictures from my travels or links to my writings (in multiple locations). Kind of a scattergun design for a web site - again, just an excuse to get some hands-on coding done.

Of course, if you have any feedback - or suggested locations - please let me know.

Major Update: 2016

A few years go by, and all I'd really done is build up my list of great sites to meetup - but not much programming past that initial effort. Fast forward to 2016, and there are any number of new technologies to catch up on: HTML5, CSS3 and Frameworks, responsive design, a new API for Google Maps. Plus, a new application idea just itching to become a mobile app.

And so, a major rewrite - really from the ground up, starting with HTML5 and Bootstrap. Plus, I'm using this effort to get serious about learning Javascript - got to advance beyond cut-and-paste scripting from web searches!

As always - a work in process; but I am always open to feedback and suggestions; many of the new features that are makingtheir way into the site come from the folks that use the site to connect and collaborate with me!

Source Code

Coming soon to GitHub, but if you are interested in a copy like Right Now, just drop me a line ...

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